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  • Over fifty percent (50%) of the adult population has reportedly experienced some form of violence at work, at home and in the community. Up to thirty-five percent (35%) of chronic adolescent bullies spend time in prison as adults. Childhood bullies, who are not motivated to change through training programs and intervention, most often become adult bullies.

  • Eighty percent (80%) of adolescents reported bullying incidences during their school years.

  • Ninety percent (90%) of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying.

  • Fifteen percent (15%) of students bully regularly and up to thirty percent (30%) are victims of bullies.

  • Up to 7 percent (7%) of 8th graders stay home at least once a month because of bullies.

  • Bullying is learned behavior that is taught and/or experienced at home or at school.

  • Most bullying is verbal.

  • Bullying peaks in the middle school years.

  • Both boys and girls bully -- with female bullying taking indirect, manipulative forms.

  • Bullying can have devastating long-term effects on its victims.

  • Teachers and parents have reported that role-playing from the perspective of both victims and bullies is highly successful in helping children understand the causes and effects of bullying behavior.

  • Bullying is anything that hurts someone, belittles them or makes them feel bad. Some types of bullying are:

Verbal (name-calling)

Physical (punching, pushing)

Relational (leaving someone out of a game or group on purpose)

Extortion (stealing someone’s money or toys)

Cyber bullying (using computers, the Internet, mobile phones, etc. to bully others)

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